About The F.A.B. Coalition

The F.A.B. Fashion Club accomplishes an important aspect of

trauma informed and healing centered schools, it provides

students with avenues to be connected to their school and the

broader community. It also incorporates important aspects of

all the three domains. Students are learning important social

emotional skills, using a variety of academic skills, exploring

careers, and developing 21st century workplace skills.

In addition, The F.A.B. Fashion Club addresses several needs

in a young person's life. It is enriching and unique by design

and includes sequential fun and exciting activities and events

organized and implemented by certified and professional

counselors with the support of parents/guardians, teachers,

administrators, and the community. As a fashion related

creative counseling program, it addresses the needs of its

targeted age group by facilitating their social/ emotional and

personal development.

F.A.B. also assists in creating a positive and safe learning

environment as well as help students face issues and resolve

problems that prevent their healthy growth and development.